If needed, our experts will advise you on the best solution for the printed portion of your bag, number of colors, even the size of the bag and its positioning on a pallet. It is of crucial importance that the size of the bag fits the pallet, from the logistic and storage point of view. In order to achieve that, we will arrange your product in 3D in our pallet arrangement simulator. While preparing your bag for printing, we will carefully inspect all the parameters of your bag. During the first production we will invite you to our production facilities, whereby you can arrange all the details pertaining to the production later on. Your example will be stored for the entire duration of the cooperation, so you can have the exact same product with each delivery.


We use flexography in our production process. We offer it with up to 6 colors, according to Pantone or the CMYK color model. We can carry out the printing on the preprint machine, or in-line, during the production process of the bag, depending on the number of colors. We are proud owners of a brand new, automatized color mixer, which guarantees high quality printing on your packaging.