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Carta d.o.o. - proizvodnja papirnatih vreća
Carta d.o.o. - proizvodnja papirnatih vreća
Carta d.o.o. - proizvodnja papirnatih vreća

Carta d.o.o. is Croatia’s leading manufacturer of industrial paper bags. We are most proud of the abundant experience our employees have in the industry we are active in. Much knowledge, professionalism, and competence are built into each produced bag so our customers may choose from products which constantly meet the highest standards and needs of those handling them.

Different materials may be packaged in our products, such as flour, sugar, lime, cement, animal feed, construction adhesives, coal, pellets, teas, dried plants, even children’s toys. There are many uses, but one thing is sure, it is the quality that leads our customers specifically to us.

We improve our production continuously by investing into the production process, during which we pay special attention to the environmental impact, in such a way that all the raw materials that make up our finished product are ecologically acceptable and safe for the nature. Herein lies the explanation of the recycling arrow in our logo.

It is also confirmed by our implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 standard in 2015.

Visit of Croatian President Ivo Josipović

Carta in 2020.

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