The industrial paper bags in our production process are divided into open and valve bags. We produce them out of one or more layers of paper so they can withstand all the filling types, and the customer may choose the color of the outer layer. The color of the outer layer may be white or brown, i.e. so-called natron or the original color of the paper.

Upon the customer’s request, one of the paper layers may be substituted with HDPE foil or PE coated paper, if the material filled into the bag is hygroscopic or greasy. We can offer, also per customer’s request, microperforation on the outer or inner paper layers, to ensure a better airflow in the bag, i.e. to allow the air to leave the bag more easily while filling it with materials. The print on the bags is offered in 6 colors, and can be placed on the bag’s body, its bottom and/or valve.

Apart from industrial packaging, we also produce small, 1 to 5 kilograms, bags of one paper layer with the possibility of a print in 6 colors on the bag. The paper, composed of 100% softwood cellulose, water soluble paints, and starch adhesive, is sourced from internationally renowned manufacturers.